Art and words of Josh Burns.

Mobster Who Took The Hard Way Out, Is Saved By A Little Voodoo

The story behind this looker is that of a Mid-level thug who wanted out of the mob, for the request he was partially skinned alive, then set on fire by the sadistic mob boss. Left to die in a dumpster, he was discovered by an older Haitian woman. She took him in and attempted to save his life through conventional means. When conventional methods failed, and he was about to die, she remembered something from long ago. Something, she thought was drowned out by the noise of the city…Voodoo. Praying to the Voodoo spirit Papa Legba, Guardian of the Crossroads, she in effect cursed the man. Cursed him to only be whole again when sins had been repaid, and not let Papa Legba have him until then. The old woman, before leaving him, warned that the actions of his past have mounted a large debt to be repaid, and simple vengeance is not balance, and the only way to finally heal his scars and regain his flesh was by creating balance.

The man doesn’t know if he can die, But he does know who is next to die.


Let me know what you think.

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