Art and words of Josh Burns.

Classic Video Game Baddie

When I think back about the video game bad guys that plagued my side scrolling exploits, I remember, fondly, these types of monsters; floating brains, Snakes with wings, turtles with wings… and eyeballs with wings! Pretty much just put wings on animals that don’t have them, or attach them to random body parts. Pay no mind to the fact that these critters don’t have most of the extras we take for granted, no mouths, no real body, no eyelid… no wonder they were so pissed off all the time. But even without all that, they still managed to shoot right when you tried to jump to the next platform. Buggers.

Usually represented in under 100 pixels, I thought these relics of the games of my youth deserved a tribute. So here is my version.

A Winged Eye, That Shoots Freaking Lasers!


One response

  1. Jessica

    This puts the Eye of Sauron to shame. Looks a little irritated, I recommend Visine. I really like the clouds 8)

    September 16, 2010 at 3:06 pm

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