Art and words of Josh Burns.


This is a bit different version of death. An ancient earthly creature death tended the earth while man was evolving, making it ready for them to take over. But man lost sight of what they needed to do, distracted by things, wealth, war and excess. Death was saddened by the little creatures turning their back on him, after he had helped and nurtured them for so long. In short order his garden, the earth, was over-run with the vermin man. Despite mans penchant for killing each other, he was forced to take up his tools to control the population. soon this task became a full-time job… His only job.

Death is now pale, tired and hurting. He can hardly keep up. His appearance is a mirror to the earth. He longs for the day when the trees on his back have leaves again, and his scythe can be cleansed of blood and used to tend the earth.


One response

  1. Jessica

    I like the concept of the story of death. It’s a sad story though. I hope his leaves come back some day.

    September 16, 2010 at 3:04 pm

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