Art and words of Josh Burns.


In a flash of light our hero blinks, an accomplishment of momentous excitement, for the first time in months, a stir of life. An echo of a previous self. His prison is losing it’s hold. The figurative tentacles that hold him in place are losing their grip. As he return to this plane of existence the force that has been sapping his soul, his creativity, begins to weaken. A finger twitches…fresh, new life force extends throughout his body. Cutting into his mind, a muffled voice calls him back. Not voice…voices from his past, present and future, all familiar and warm. He Reaches forward and touches the light before him. In a second flash he catches a fleeting glimpse of his entire existence. This life and death, the atoms he was when the big bang occurred and what he becomes at the time when the universe goes dark. Uncountable days, years & decades, seared into his subconscious. His hand is warm. His mother whispers “come back”…A decision… The fresh snow collapses and melts against his bare foot as it lowers to the earth. Our Hero is home. surrounded by familiar things. This is his crescent, his home.

The events he had been a part of were over, the warmth, his mother’s voice, all ceased…But not gone. It is January. He is Twenty-Nine, and One Year-Old, and One Billion Years-Old. He, like all of us, is eternal, and has existed as long as time, and will continue to “be” until time is no more.

It’s always been like this…

…He is just aware of it now.

I had written a real funny, sarcastic “Sorry I failed… and should have never taken on such a big undertaking, Post” But I liked this better. I was ready to scrap this site and give up. But on the advice of some wise friends, I Have decided to adjust my goal, now that I have a full understanding of the task at hand. It should have never been a daily thing. Now it will be a weekly post. If possible more.

Hope you enjoyed this little new beginning. It’s about time, right?


One response

  1. Drew

    Good to have you back!

    February 1, 2011 at 9:32 am

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