Art and words of Josh Burns.

Fusion Virus

Science is great. Science without oversight allows you to create, almost anything. In the future man sets out into the galaxy. Soon they discover new worlds full of life. Naturally they set out to explore, setting up colonies on 7 habitable planets in the first decades of the 2300’s. The colonies were manned by scientists, military, and a group of ambitious civilians who volunteered to take care of the colony’s needs. They set up farms and made sure the colony’s systems were working at optimum levels. basically they were there to keep the place from falling apart so the scientists could focus. Colony 3, on the lush jungle planet called Melpomene is responsible for Virus-0468 (The Fusion Virus)

Initially in a supercomputer, this virus started as a theoretical particle simulation to create nuclear fusion with a slowed release of energy. The example used by the scientists who proposed the project was “Imagine an atomic bombs energy released over a year” the theory stated that the slowed rate of energy release would be much easier to harness. The initial simulations were promising, so much so, that the project was changed to a top priority.lab space on the colony was tight, so a wing of living quarters was converted to lab space for the full-scale tests. The project was working near perfectly, the results from the full test were almost exactly what the simulation dictated. 99.9532% of the power of the slowed fusion was able to be harnessed. A new age, without reliance on other power sources was upon man… So they thought.

Unforeseen to colonists, the .0468% of the fusion energy was permeating every atom of organic material in a within 3km of the test site. Plants, bacteria and fungi were the least affected. Initially Humans and other higher lifeforms seemed to be unaffected at all. The key was a Virus, the energy permeated the virus, but the living/nonliving properties of viruses allowed the energy to be stabilized. Until the virus took hold of a host. The first account of the Virus was of a soldier stumbling out of the barracks, throwing up a blue glowing puss that was electrically charged. he then attacked two soldiers that were attempting to assist him. He killed both men, and escaped into the jungle. The next day patrols found a charred corpse 2km away from the colony. Soon after virus jumped to the indigenous species of Melpomene.

The creatures were more resilient to the virus, but that only made for bigger problems for the colonists. The characteristics for the virus in an infected alien host is different in humans. As the Virus takes hold the cell membranes become electrically charged arching frantically within the creature. Infected creatures are easy to spot, the skin becomes almost transparent, and blue glowing plasma can be seen under the skin, the electrical arching is also visible. The extreme electrical activity caused the brain to kick into overdrive, resulting, in most cases with rage or behaviors of self-preservation. occasionally burst of plasma and electricity fire from orifices, usually the mouth or eyes. Two weeks after infection the animal’s body is drained of all energy and burns away to radioactive ash.

<p><a href=”″>Fusion Virus Infected</a> from <a href=”″>Josh Burns</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Ten years after the first infection on Melpomene the virus had reached 153 planets and was expected to show up on earth in two. Mankind was at war with five alien races, who blame, rightly, humans for the virus, and working with two races to find a cure before it’s too late.

Maybe they shouldn’t have named the planet after the Greek muse of tragedy.


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