Art and words of Josh Burns.

Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

When mankind ventured beyond their galaxy and began to intermingle with other races, they quickly found that every other alien race had their share of problems. No benevolent higher beings to show them all what they had been doing wrong. Sure, there was a lot of advanced races, but none willing to just volunteer their wealth of knowledge. At least, not for free. Unfortunately earth had all but run out of natural resources, at least the ones any aliens would want to get their (Insert hand-like holding appendages here) on. And, so men and women went out to find riches in the newest frontier. In doing this they dictated their niche in the galaxies. Criminals, Pirates, Outlaws and General Miscreants were the first impressions of mankind in the intergalactic community. Not strong or smart, by comparison to most of the other space-faring aliens, but with an ability to look at situations and turn them on their head, in such a way that they could come out ahead…as long as they could get away fast enough. The other alien races had criminals too, but mankind had taken it to another level. Uniting the dregs of many different societies, some even warring with one-another, became brothers in direct offense to the “Good” of the intergalactic community. Some alien races wanted to eradicate mankind, like a disease. Before any eradication could take place, word started to trickle in about human and alien criminals being delivered to the appropriate authorities. As the other races learned, aside from being damn fine criminals, mankind also stood out from the other races on two other ways. The first was the ability to track patterns, and predict the next move during complex events, “Going with your gut” turned out to be an ability unique to mankind. The second was to act in opposition of others, stubbornness. As the criminal side of mankind was flourishing. Individuals out in the galaxies were not so keen on seeing mankind being represented by a bunch of thugs. Justice had been taken into the hands of mankind. And so the infamous Human bounty hunters appeared. Normal citizens who decided that justice needed to be served.

Crosby Gulling, one of the most famous bounty hunters is a man of few, but potent words. He’ll go after the worst and rarely lets a bounty get away.  It is said that he had his arm vaporized while bringing in some particularly bad weapons dealers. After apprehending the thugs he used the reward to purchase a new robotic arm. When asked if he still wanted his jacket (the sleeve had been vaporized and the shoulder had been discoloured by his own vaporized flesh, and some people wouldn’t want to be reminded) He replied “No” and explained that he didn’t see the need, as his new arm wouldn’t have any need of being protected from the elements. His belt buckle was a gift from one, most appreciative, alien race, after he bought in their home-world’s most dangerous mass-murderer. It’s not only fashionable, it has come to be a symbol of elite bounty hunters. a symbol to be feared if you are a criminal, and respected if you are anyone else.


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