Art and words of Josh Burns.

100 percent

In the latter half of the 21st century Dynamic Global, a major weapons manufacturer, started a new division offering health insurance at rates staggeringly lower than all competitors. The plans were comprehensive and included many additional features at no extra charge. The plans were just what the, still comparatively, under-covered American Population needed. Under the vale of giving back to the people, the insurance policies were cleverly worded as half insurance policy, half consent for human testing. The infamous “100 percent ” policy was a Damage & Dismemberment plan did not give the patient a choice in procedures. The only mandate of this policy was to restore the patient to “100 percent” of human capacity. Dynamic Global was effectively using the American population as a basis for research and testing. Individuals hurt in accidents would be cared for, but often the patients that survived felt that the procedures completed to restore their capabilities were too invasive. Most patients surveyed stated that they would have rather been left slightly disabled, rather than have to have their bodies modified to such an extent. Just fewer than one-hundred-thousand “100 percent” policies were sold before the division stopped offering it.

6521 policy holders required use of the “100 Percent” policy. They received new limbs, eyes, legs and even organs. 6385 of those were brought back to what Dynamic Global deemed “100 Percent”. The remaining 136 either died or were left without sufficient mental capacity to be restored. After treatment, all but one of the 6385 enlisted in the armed forces. Each stated that they felt they should give something back after being given a second chance.


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