Art and words of Josh Burns.

Island of Robots

I’ve been playing around the idea of a facility on an island. Now, abandoned by man, the island’s many factories are maintained by a number of giant robots. Some of the robots have fallen due to lack of maintenance or the islands inhospitable terrain. I turn the remaining active robots have begun to cannibalize their fallen brethren.

The shape and design of the robots would indicate that they were created in the 1950’s… But who made them? And where did they Go?


5 responses

  1. zac

    came across your cordyceps fungus fellow whilst browsing “the last of us” links. robbed my friend, robbed.
    read through all your posts and was quite impressed. got a good imagination there.
    your concepts are well written, interesting and thorough
    was sad to have realized you gave up on the feed last year. was hoping I’d found a good thing to check in on….

    I had the same plan as you, am the same age as you and have given up on my dream of being a concept artist for video games. I’ve had ideas pilfered. sounds dumb, but in a stupid fit a friend and I concieved the stupidest lamest simply replicated character possible….. square.
    a 2d square with a face…. he took two seconds to draw, and all you had to do was change his face and square stub limbs to alter him for other frames. whulah…. never went anywhere, of course. was never supposed to. put it on facebook, think nothing of it, year or so later a friend shows me a new game he got, super meat boy. I shit you not, there in all his glory was- square. ‘cept hes been rendered red.

    I feel your pain with the cordyceps concept.
    don’t give up, keep posting.
    my wife and I had a little girl 3yrs ago, and although I don’t “draw”anymore, I still jot and scribble occasionally for personal pleasure.
    never give up, you’ve undeniable got talent. I know that doesn’t mean shit coming from a nobody, but if you like something, chances are someone else will too….

    also, my other work had much more detail depth and substance than square. I submitted an in depth post to a vid game comp’, pics, concept etc. was one of my “lovechild” concepts that its nurtured the crap out of. anyway, winning game turns out to be a cereal bowl/fruit loops galaga homage….. and about a year or so later… there’s my concept, tweaked majourly of course, releasing on all the consoles….. I can’t prove it, they’ll have tweaked your cordyceps concept enough to make it different (for the worse if you ask me), you won’t be able to dispute it.
    life of an artist bro.
    let me know if your going to start posting again.
    congrats on getting married, my partner and I also wed last year.
    keep in touch flammable things and I’ll post some of my stuff for you too.

    I don’t have a website, got bad taste in my mouth for trying to share with the world.
    e memail if you like and i’ll link you my headcase…
    I mean, facebook.

    January 20, 2012 at 3:35 am

    • Thanks for your comments and kind words. I knew going in to it that there would be a possibility of ideas that I had surfacing elsewhere. But I can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of creative people out there, and maybe someone else arrived with a similar idea, independently, without prior knowledge of my interpretation. But by the same token there are some similarities, and I can’t help but feel a little robbed.

      I haven’t posted in some time. But I haven’t given up. I am currently working with an upstart video game company. I have been working on concept and story elements and due to our contract I don’t think I can post anything from it until the marketing people say so. Although I do need to start posting again, if not for more opportunity then to keep me sharp. My friends have said that I should, but maybe it takes a stranger saying it to really remind me why I started all this… So I guess I’ll have to start posting again.

      Thanks for the push.


      January 21, 2012 at 12:54 am

      • zac

        good to hear. wish I could post pics on here. would like to show you my concept take on human cordyceps infection.

        working for a vid game firm? jealous much? dream job right there.

        anyway glad your back, look forward to chatting over concepts.

        January 22, 2012 at 11:08 pm

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