Art and words of Josh Burns.

Alien Gypsy

This character seems firmly rooted in a Universe where aliens of all kinds have set forth into vastness of space. In such a Universe paths must have crossed, colonies formed, alliances made and broken. She would be comfortable in the bustling corridors and alleyways of the markets on a planetary Transportation hub. A meeting place for aliens of all kinds, some to find work. legitimate or otherwise. Some to set up shop a peddle their wares to unsuspecting humans (at an impressive mark-up.) A chaotic, claustrophobic village of sorts, and often very dangerous. A transient place always moving and changing, but oddly familiar at times.

You push through a tight corridor through crowds so dense all you can smell is hot breath… or at least you hope it’s breath. Some alien races smell like vomit at the best of times. The eight armed octopus-looking guy’s shop to the right is full of… lets say “Meat” that is also contributing to the bouquet of the marketplace. But as you exit the mass into an open area, what’s this? A shop run by a human couple…and they even speak English. They are selling cinnamon and nutmeg, and a myriad of other spices. Your olfactory center sends you right back to earth…Starbucks. Sadly this moment is short-lived as you feel something brush up against you. As you turn to look all you see is a slender purple-skinned female walking casually into the crowd. nice legs on her… but your wallet is gone.

This character is the type that thrives in a crowd. she is always getting herself into trouble of one form or another. A gypsy traveling from planet to planet, living to experience as much of the universe as she can.

When I was drawing this one the right arm was a bit bulky so turned it into a Tool…Weapon…Thing. It looks a bit like a taser on crack, But it’s actually a Kinetic Arc, an energy field that enhances the wearers physical hits, basically giving them a super punch, while absorbing the equal and opposite reaction of such a punch. The Arc can also be used in a similar fashion to a zip line by hooking to overhead cables and cords. A valuable tool for an alien pick-pocket in a place that encourages you leave your guns in you spacecraft.



Let me know what you think.

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