Art and words of Josh Burns.

Soldier of Will – Part 1: The Harz Expedition

Strange things were happening long before Müller arrived at the secret mountain fortress in the Harz mountains. The massive subterranean stronghold started out as a small excavation site, supervised by members of the Ahnenerbe. In charge of the original excavation was Wolfram Bischof, a talented archaeologist who joined the Ahnenerbe to further his research into a legendary artifact that foretold of immeasurable power. Naturally Hitler was interested in such an artifact and allowed Bischof to assemble a team to track down its whereabouts. Their research eventually led them to a small temple carved deep into the Harz mountains.

Descriptions of the artifact were vague, no definite size, shape or weight was described in the scripts. But this did not dissuade Bischof from his goal. In the early morning of January 30th 1937 Bischof and his team entered the temple. The construction of the temple appeared to be man-made but no tool marks were noted by the Ahnenerbe archaeologists. This only excited Bischof, he held the belief that the artifact gave the controller power over matter itself, and the absence of tool marks or any signs of construction only helped his case. They forged onward moving ever closer to the temple center. The hallway widened as they approached and the walls of the corridor took on a smoother polished appearance. Finally the light of their lanterns spilled into the main hall. The room was a sphere with small bridge extending out towards a platform in the very center of the room. Bischof motioned to his team to stay and he ventured slowly onto the bridge, towards the platform. He tried not to move too quickly but his excitement made each step faster than the last until he was practically running. As he stepped into the platform a glint of light caught his eye. In the dead center of the platform a small metallic cylinder sat. The metal was as dark as coal and seemed to resonate slightly when Bischof approached. The cylinder was no bigger than a roll of quarters and its surface was polished to a mirror finish. Bischof slowly knelt to look at the strange object, he saw his own reflection in the cylinder. Then as he stared deep into the small reflective surface he saw fire and death and Hitler’s SS taking the world. Bischof blinked and snapped out of his trance. He quickly grabbed the cylinder, stood and turned to his team. He proclaimed “I have it! This is what will win the Führer his…” He stopped abruptly, his team was not there. He again looked to the cylinder, this time his reflection was of a pale thin man with a patchy beard. Bischof in his surprise dropped the cylinder and grabbed at his face. His normally smooth-shaven face was now a coarse, unkempt beard. The shock of his transformation was replaced by a sharp pain in his abdomen he grabbed at his side and fell to the ground. His stomach was concave, he was on the verge of starvation. Bischof struggled to life his head. The cylinder was, again, in the center of the platform. This time it sat on a plate with a tall glass of milk and a bowl of hot stew. He quickly grabbed the cylinder and wrapped it in his handkerchief before eating the meal and making his way out of the temple. When he stumbled out of the temple he was astonished to see the Ahnenerbe research camp bustling with activity. The team was equally as astonished to see Bischof alive. He had disappeared with the cylinder over a month ago, and was now delirious from dehydration. As he was carried to the medical tent he rambled about knowing the true nature of the artifact. Some thought he had gone mad, but he was now driven even harder to unlock the secret of the cylinder, or as he had named it “The Hammer of Will”. When Bischof heard that the team had begun experimenting with the cylinder, he cut his hospital stay short and traveled back to the Harz mountain temple.

This is only part one, please stay tuned for part two “The Gipsy’s Daughter”

It would be great to get some more interaction, So here’s a question… What do you think the Cylinder is?


Let me know what you think.

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