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Soldier of Will – Part 2: The Gypsy’s Daughter

Vandlo Hearn was respected among his people, the Romani, German Gypsies. He was known as a leader, a scholar and a source of hope. Unfortunately those qualities were not revered by those who looked to persecute his people. His powerful words often found him a beating within the work camp at Marzahn. Before the police crack-down Vandlo and his daughter made a decent living around Berlin trading goods and doing odd jobs. But in the camp he was forced to work in an armament plant. Aishe, his daughter would help tend to their tribe’s needs when she wasn’t pickpocketing the guards, or breaking into the supply shed. A girl of only eight years, she had a knack of understanding how things worked. She could pick almost any lock, Vandlo secretly admired his skill, but always scolded her for taking such risks. He would point to the scar above his eye, one he had gotten after they were first moved to Marzahn, and ask if she wanted to end up like him. Aishe was his world and he would do anything to keep her from harm. (more…)


Soldier of Will – Part 1: The Harz Expedition

Strange things were happening long before Müller arrived at the secret mountain fortress in the Harz mountains. The massive subterranean stronghold started out as a small excavation site, supervised by members of the Ahnenerbe. In charge of the original excavation was Wolfram Bischof, a talented archaeologist who joined the Ahnenerbe to further his research into a legendary artifact that foretold of immeasurable power. Naturally Hitler was interested in such an artifact and allowed Bischof to assemble a team to track down its whereabouts. Their research eventually led them to a small temple carved deep into the Harz mountains. (more…)

The Inspectors

A strange group of individuals, possibly a secret organization, who always seem to show up just after a catastrophe. First recorded accounts of the Inspectors was during the black plague. Through the ages these reclusive men have been sighted around the world, usually in pairs. The Tunguska Event, Hiroshima Nagasaki, Nazi Germany, Roswell, 9/11. Easily identified with their ornate masks and prim and proper attire, the Inspectors have been spotted during world wars, natural disasters & anomalous events.

It is unknown if they have anything to do with causing the events. However some conspiracy theorists believe they are anthropologists who cause the events in order to study how people react. These same conspiracy theorists often say they are aliens, but that’s pretty much par for the course as far as conspiracy nuts are concerned.